Best free photo editing phone apps

Hey loves! Ive been getting questions on a few photos about what I use to edit them. I use 4 apps the most in particular when I want to go all out and the best part is they are FREE 😊 Im also very clueless when it comes to computer photoshop so for me this is just alot simpler even though I go through different apps. Here is a before and after photo of a picture I put through all four apps and Im very happy with the out come!IMG_20170517_5.jpg

Here is a photo of what the apps look like on your phone so you know you downloaded the correct apps. IMG_20170518_7.jpg

YOUCAM MAKEUP: This is the first app I usually put my photos through. You can smooth skin, add longer eyelashes, apply thicker eyeliner, change eye color, enhance lip colors and eyeshadows, add foundation, blush, highlight and even change your hair color or add accessories. You can do all those if you want to go extreme but I usually just smooth skin and enhance my eyelashes. This one has the most natural results compared to other beauty enhancing apps.IMG_20170518_6

This is what the app looks like once its opened. I circled what you will press to start playing with different looks! So fun!

AIRBRUSH: This is the second app I’ll put photos through and I usually only use this for one thing which is the blur and defocus tool so I can blur out the background of my photos to give it an even more professional look. This app also has great filters if you choose to apply and many more features but the blur tool is what I use it for most.


I circled where to find the blur and defocus tool in the app! I know these are real easy things to figure out but I personally like to show just to be thorough!☺

PHOTO DIRECTOR: This is the third app Ill put a photo through for two reasons in particular. You can enhance colors, like the colors of the trees or flowers, even what you are wearing. I also like to use it to add light leaks and lens flares. I feel like that adds even more power to your photos. I circled down below where to find these features in the app. Once again this is another great app with lots of features but I like these two in particular ☺

LIGHTROOM: This is the last app ill put my photos through. This is just a simple phone version of photoshop but I believe it really enhances the quality and clarity of photos. You can add punch to your photos which enhances the whole photo and also use the noise reduction tool to get rid of harsh lines, it really just softens the whole picture. This app really adds the professional quality to photos. I circled down below where to find these tools in the app.

Okay friends, hope this blog was really helpful. I also dont use all four everytime, sometimes I’ll just use one or two when I’m not so concerned about the quality. This is just something I like to do as a hobby when I take pinup pictures of myself or pictures of my children when I dont want to pay for professionally taken and edited photos. This is just a free diy option. Like I said I’m clueless with computer photoshop and this is just more convenient since I can do it straight from my phone 😊 Take care, and god bless ❤


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