Birth story baby #2

While everything is still fresh on my mind I thought I would blog about my birth experience with baby girl # 2! It had been a pretty typical day and evening, I visited my husband at the fire station, had dinner, came home, got Elena ready for bed, and relaxed till I dozed off. Around 2:30am I woke up to what I thought were just Braxton hicks. I really didn’t think anything of it so I tried to go back to sleep. After about 20 minutes of waking up from same pain, I realized something more was going on. The pain was coming every 7-10 minutes and was not going away. I started to feel really shaky and at this point I knew I may be going into labor. I tried calling my husband a few times and he did not answer. I was worried he fell asleep with his phone on silent, so I called dispatch to hopefully get ahold of him to wake him up!! well it turns out he was responding to a call and I just remember shaking even harder wondering how long he would take to get home. my contractions were getting stronger and closer together! After around 15 minutes of waiting he calls and makes his way home. I was so relieved when he arrived, but I was also in a good amount of pain too. We were both scrambling, putting last-minute items in the hospital bag, and trying to figure out what we were going to do with Elena. Thankfully our good friend, another firefighters wife came to the rescue and headed over to our house to hang out while went on to the hospital. That alone in itself really took a bunch of stress away because now I could focus on getting through the labor.

The ride to the hospital felt like an eternity. My contractions were coming every 5 to 7 minutes and it felt like my insides were tearing apart. I just knew this would be a more painful experience than with my first. My water didn’t break so I figured they would have me wait in a triage room and be monitored first. They did exactly that, and also checked me for dilation. I was dilated to 4 cm and she could feel the amniotic sac bulging. I said  a quick thank you prayer in my head because I knew they couldn’t send me home now, and finally after an hour and a half contracting and being monitored I was given a room.

Once I was in the room, I asked for an epidural. I mentioned before in my last blog that I have a low pain tolerance and I’m sure the nurses could tell but before I could even get one I had to have a whole IV bag of fluids. This literally felt like forever. I was in so much pain at this point, and continued to contract every 5 minutes for another hour and a half till the bag was empty. Finally I could get my epidural!

Now this part is where my experience totally differs from Elena, because with elena the epidural did not hurt so much going in. I got into the position, slouched forward and had John and the nurse holding me steady in the front. The man doing my epidural was nice but I think I had a way softer hand with the last. He then prepared my back to be numbed, this part was worse than the whole night and morning combined. When he stuck the needle in I of course started to contract. I moved a little bit which is a huge NO NO. I felt the sharpest pain when he began to push the numbing medication in and that’s when I believe I blacked out for a few moments. I just remember John yelling in my face and the nurse snapping her fingers in front of my eyes, but I couldn’t talk. I felt really weak and sweaty, and their voices seemed distant. It was a scary feeling but it did go away. Once my blood pressure and heart rate went back to normal he put in the epidural. This part was also very painful. I was trying so hard to be still through contractions but when I felt that sharp cold cramp down my back  I could have passed out right then and there. I did keep it together though and only had a few more contractions before I couldn’t feel anything from my lower stomach on down. Even though I had a rough experience with my epidural this time, I still believe it was totally worth it because I was in heaven the rest of my time laboring. Around 10am the nurse came back in to check for dilation and I was at 9cm. I couldn’t believe how fast my body was progressing on its own. The doctor was called and she gave orders for them to break my water. I’ve never seen this done before so I was scared and curious as to what would be done. Pretty much they take a tool that looks like a crotchet hook, push it up near your water, and pop the sac with it. I literally didn’t feel a thing, I’m thanking the epidural again at this point! Once that was over it was time to start pushing!

John and the nurse each held a leg. The nurse would let me know when I was contracting so I could push. The first couple pushes were really difficult because unlike last time, I felt I had no control. I couldn’t feel a dang thing, so I didn’t know if I was using the right muscles. After 8 minutes of failed pushes, I started to get the hang of it and she was slowly making her way out. I had been pushing for 13 minutes when I could look down and see her full head of hair. my husband was getting excited and started cheering me on to push harder. This got my adrenaline going and I gave the last pushes my all till her little head popped out. In the blink of an eye on my very last push, the doctor pulled her out and the biggest amount of pressure was released! I was so exhausted, I could of fell asleep right then and there but they laid her on my chest and I was instantly on could nine! She was so tiny and beautiful, I got that feeling I had with my first all over again.

Although this labor was a lot more painful, the recovery was not to bad at all. I only had a first degree tear and after a few days my back was feeling much better. I think in about two more weeks I will start some light exercises. I am just so in love with our beautiful Elisa Sofia. She came into this world at 7lbs 6oz, 18in long. I feel truly blessed to have two beautiful little girls so close in age. I wont lie, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed trying to adjust to having two babies back to back. John goes back to his 24hr shifts tomorrow and my mom leaves in a few days so that will be a new challenge all in itself taking care of a newborn and a 13 month old by myself every other day. I know the lord will help me find a good routine to settle into and I will try to keep you all updated with their milestones and adventures. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for us and once I get the green light to start my workouts full on, I’ll keep everyone updated on my fitness journey as well. ❤ god bless!




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