How I lost my post pregnancy weight!


I am not a fitness guru! I was just a brand new mom, searching the web trying to figure out how I was going to lose the post partum belly flab. The picture above is me at 8 1/2 months pregnant and after at three months post partum! I didn’t want to buy into a fitness program, because I never personally stick to the videos and meal plans. I did do a bit of research and put together my own semi-free weight loss routine! These tips personally helped me shed weight quickly and feel better about myself than I had before I became pregnant. I’m hoping for the same results with my second! At the end of my first pregnancy I weighed around 168 and with hard work at three months post partum I reached my goal weight of 125! Throughout my whole first pregnancy I did make an effort to walk and be active everyday. Even if my walk was only a mile long! If it is safe for you to do any kind of distance walking throughout your pregnancy than I highly recommend it! That will give you a head start to shedding the weight quickly after birth! This is what helped me !

1- Breastfeeding! Never thought breastfeeding would be such a great natural workout but it did help shrink my uterus. I could actually feel the cramping, which the doctor told me was a great sign! my body was going back to normal.

2- Drink water! I tried the gallon a day water challenge and never did actually make it to drinking the whole gallon but I did end up drinking more water in a day than I ever had before. I also replaced every drink with water, with exceptions to smoothies and milk. Drinking water will help cut calories you would find in juice or soda, and also have the benefit of clearer looking skin!

3- Make breakfast power smoothies! This is why I put the semi before free in my routine. Invest in a good blender. You do not have to make extravagant million ingredient smoothie recipes. We are busy moms here, with little time to start with! so what I did was buy simple ingredients for my smoothies. Strawberries, bananas, blueberries and pineapple are my favorite fruits. I cut them up into smaller pieces and mix it all in a large bowl, then put a few scoops into ziplock bags and freeze. I also buy the prewashed organic baby spinach along with almonds or chia seeds. So in the morning all you have to do is run the Ziploc bag under warm water to thaw it a bit, put it in your smoothie cup, add some spinach or kale, then a handful of almonds or teaspoon of chia seeds, add some water to the cup and blend! Super fast and a healthy way to start the day!

4-Make a conscious effort to eat healthy! Since it is not recommended to start strenuous exercise until after you get the okay from your doctor, eating healthy the first six weeks after pregnancy will put a great head start to your weight loss journey. once again keep it simple! Fruits, vegetables, beans, healthy carbs like oats, brown rice and whole grains are great things to keep stocked up on. Proteins such as cod, salmon, tuna, chicken, lean meats, nuts and yogurt are also a must for me to stay on track! Avoid fatty meats and food high in sugar! Keep healthy snacks on hand and remember to eat enough to support you and your sweetie, especially if you are breastfeeding!

5- Exercise, whenever and where ever you can! When you finally do get the okay to workout again, start off slow to build your muscles back up. Going on walks and leg lifts were great exercises for myself in the beginning. I also have free access to a gym, so when  I felt up to it I started going everyday with my husband. They have a parents room where you can park the stroller right next to your machine and I always chose the stair master! The stair master in my opinion was the best workout post partum. It worked my legs and butt too, which that is where I wanted the best results. I noticed I sweated on that machine more than I had on the treadmill and bike. I tried to do the stair master for a least 30 mins a day along with weight lifting. For the weight lifting, I literally youtubed workouts right in the gym because I had no idea what to do, and it helped give me some direction! Another tip that I felt helped was not wearing the cute workout gear like shorts and tanks, but to wear sweatshirts and sweatpants, that way i would get hotter faster and sweat even more! Also When I was home I would wear my daughter and do lunges and squats as much as possible. Instead of sitting down to rock her I would walk the halls just to keep moving. Find creative ways to stay on your feet but remember to get plenty of rest as well. nap when your baby naps and be active when your baby is active!

6- Do not give up! Even if you are not seeing the pounds shedding fast, keep up with your routine. You just spent, what seems like a whole year, creating a beautiful human being and that takes a toll on your body!  You will get there when you put in the effort! It will be hard at first but the results will be worth it. After you do reach your goal, do something just for you! I chose to do a fun pinup session. I got all dolled up, took some pictures and felt great about myself! You deserve to be happy and healthy after such a blessing, so get up and get active and become the best you that you can be!!! You can do it!!


I am currently expecting our second child! A little girl. I’m six months pregnant and I started this pregnancy at 125, so far I have gained 17 pounds! My babies will be just over a year apart. I do expect my next weight loss journey to be more challenging, so I will keep everyone updated on my workout plans and eating habits after having two babies back to back! If you have any tips you want to share with me, please do, lets help each other out ladies!

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